Improving both the care and lives of animals since 2019


The NEPA Animal Welfare Collaborative will set the standard for all animal welfare initiatives in NEPA and will work together, utilizing available resources to improve both the care and lives of animals.


The NEPA Animal Welfare Collaborative will work on initiatives aimed at ensuring animals in NEPA achieve a happy and healthy life—free from abuse and neglect.

Feline Spay/Neuter Surgery

Information and Consent Form

This low cost spay/neuter program is offered by Eastern PA Animal Alliance and sponsored by the NEPA Animal Welfare Collaborative. A project of the Scranton Area Community Foundation, the Collaborative is a collective of animal rescues, advocates and sanctuaries that are interested in coming together to advance various causes in animal welfare and to increase the collective resources in the area.

Due to considerable demand, at this time the NEPA AWC is unable to take any additional applications for appointments for the mobile spay neuter events. If you already applied, you will be contacted regarding appointment availability.